Conference goals


The advances in use of cryogenic temperatures in medicine, biology and veterinary science largely depend on the extensive practical application of the results of research in the field of cryogenic technology and equipment.

As of late, new groundbreaking technologies based on cryogenic processing of biological products have been rapidly developing along with such traditional applications as processing and storing of agricultural stock. Cryogenic surgery, cryoconservation and cryotherapy find new areas of application, which contributes to the increase in their social significance and recognition.  

In-depth research of biophysical processes that occur when biopharmaceuticals, human organs and tissue come in contact with cryogenic liquids and gases makes it possible to apply the cryogenic factor to solve entirely new tasks. A local application of cryogenic temperatures provides us with the ability for bloodless removal of malignant tissue. Deep freezing provides for the preservation of in-life properties and long-term storage of biological products. Stimulation of skin cover with cryogenic gas contributes to the remedial treatment of many severe diseases.

The introduction of cryogenic technologies into the field of life sciences makes it possible to achieve breakthrough results that change the quality of our lives. Exchange of ideas, information and research results dealing with the effects of applying cryogenic temperatures in medicine, biology and veterinary science has an utmost importance in regards to improving the humanity’s quality of life.

The third IIR conference on cryogenic technologies in life sciences aims to enhance and develop the practice of international cooperation that was formed in the course of the two previous conferences.

2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of the introduction of cryogenic equipment to Russian hospitals. With this in mind, the scientific agenda for the conference will now include an additional section “General cryotherapy - research, equipment, technology” that will be organized by the “Whole-body cryotherapy or cryostimulation” workgroup that has been set up in 2017 on the initiative of Jacques Guilpart, Delegate of France and head of Section C.

Alexander Baranov,
head of the “Cryomedicine” section of the International Academy of Refrigeration,
head of ITMO’s Cryogenic Technology Department